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100% EDI Partner Integration

The INPOSIA WebEDI portal is an advanced online portal to integrate your non-EDI-enabled business partners in your EDI strategy. The n:n EDI Web Portal depicts even the most complex supply chains and corresponding turnaround requirements.The portal allows addition to traditional purchase-to-pay processes, a full e-invoicing integration for more than 55 countries worldwide, and the support of international and national data standards such as ZUGFeRD.

The INPOSIA WebEDI portal is mobile optimized. In other words, the entire functional range is optimized for mobile devices available.

Purchase-2-Pay Portal

The INPOSIA WebEDI Portal allows a full handling of most process as Orders, Order Responses, Delivery Notes, Invoices ...

Workflow Based

The INPOSIA Web EDI Portal is completely workflow based, for your partner a perfect overview and data handling tool.

Ready To Use

Without complex customizing tasks, your partner integration starts in shortest time.

Direct ERP Integration

INPOSIA WebEDI Portal connects to every ERP system for a full automate EDI data flow.


Optimize partner processes by avoiding manual workflow steps.

Cost Reduction

Increase your automation level and save process costs directly.

Master & Article Data

Manage and use your whole master and article data within the portal to optimize the process flow.


With 15 languages available, the portal is also made to be used in your international requirements.


The portal is full Invoicing compliant for more than 55 countries.