Professional SAP PI / PO® Services by INPOSIA

The SAP PI® (Process Integration) / SAP PO® (Porcess Orchestration) are components of SAP Netweaver. The SAP® solutions act as middleware tools for business and enterprise application integration tasks.

INPOSIA as preferred SAP supplier consults companies inside several branches with the topics SAP PI / PO® application consutling, process implementation, service management and full application management.

SAP PI / PO® Consulting

INPOSIA is an experienced company and your partner in all questions and tasks about the SAP PI / PO® as e.g. PI project planning, sizings or process consulting.

SAP PI / PO® Implementation

Our technical Senior Consultants support you in all SAP PI / PO® implementation tasks as e.g. EDI process development, mapping development, partner connectivity etc.

SAP PI / PO® Service Mgmt.

INPOSIA supports you in typical SAP PI / PO® service tasks as monitoring, error handling, holiday services, change management, update management with Senior PI Consultants.

SAP PI / PO® Full Application Management

Full Application Management

Within the SAP PI / PO® Full Application Management Service INPOSIA as specialist company and preffered SAP® supplier is able to run, operate, manage, consult and monitor your SAP PI / PO® system landscape in INPOSIA data centers. By using the INPOSIA SAP PI / PO® Application Management solution you make sure the operation of a high available and high stable, full managed system. You give the management of your SAP PI / PO® to an experienced partner and profit from the benefits of High Level Datacenters and of a specific organisation structure.