Slide background Electronic Invoicing by INPOSIA, let's play it safe - worldwide Send or receive electronic invoices fully automated - just by pluggin in Be ready for the compliant challenges for more than 55 countries in the world Fullfill all legal requirements - worldwide Use our international certified signature and validation services Check Our Out-Of-The Box Countries

Compared to traditional processes with paper documents, electronic and automated invoice processing can reach cost savings of about 60-80%. The INPOSIA E-Invoicing Service offers a full international compliance solution, easy to connect, full managed and always up to date. For the electronic invoice exchange between more than 55 countries worldwide, out of the box.

Full Invoicing Scope

INPOSIA E-Invoicing offers you the whole scope of sending or receiving electronic invoices. As the electronic conversion and workflow control, the digital signature or long-time archiving.

Full Integration

INPOSIA integrates into existing Business systems and other devices. It works with and integrates into all business processes and offers a wide scale of APIs.

Worldwide specified

By using INPOSIA E-Invoicing Services you will be able to exchange your electronic invoices with companies worldwide. External but also for your internal company requirements.


Invoices Worldwide:


Billions, per anno

Saving Potential up to


Euro per Invoice

Paper Invoice needs up to


days to be processed

Discount lost:


Euro per paper Invoice

Cloud based E-Invoicing Solution

The INPOSIA EDI and E-Invoicing Network covers thousands of companies, customers and business relations, using our established B2B Services. Worldwide.

Significant Cost Savings

By using the INPOSIA E-Invoicing Service you are able to save up to 80% of your paperbased Invoicing process costs per document.

Over 55 countries

INPOSIA offers you an E-Invoicing solution which meets the international requirements for electronic invoicing in over 55 countries.

Customized Services

Your E-Invoicing requirement will be fulfilled by customized workflow service implementations.

Digital Signature and Validation

INPOSIA generates the international specific digital signature your business partner needs. Also INPOSIA checks all incoming signatures types automatically.

Member of VeR - the german association for electronic Invoicing

Be sure to chose the right partner. INPOSIA as member of VeR fulfills all international E-Invoicing standards for digital signature, validations and data transmitting.