Go Up2Date with your EDI System or your EDI Service. There are a lot of reasons to think about a EDI system migration: Costs, Maintanance, Flexibility, Support Structure, Business reasons. Your switchover to INPOSIA will set your company on a modern and sustainable EDI level. The INPOSIA EDI Network focuses your business satisfaction. Take the chance.

Experienced EDI Migration Partner

INPOSIA is an experienced, professional consulting and migration partner. Our Senior Consultants for nearly every EDI System on the market support you in all migration steps with our know-how, from the first step to the migration of your last process.

No Risk Migration

The migration to the INPOSIA EDI Network is a No Risk Migration. Clear timeline plans, our face-2-face contact strategy, strong consulting know-how and INPOSIA as one of the leading EDI providers make it possible to operate your migration effectivly and successfully.

Future Ready EDI Service

At any time, the INPOSIA services and technologies are keeped up to date regarding new technology or market requirements. All advancements will be available for all our customers. Shut down your cost-intensive old EDI system and profit from all the INPOSIA services in the future.

Professional EDI Migration Partner

INPOSIA offers a strong migration experience, many of our EDI projects are based on displacements of existing EDI systems.

Know-How in many EDI Systems and Services

INPOSIA normally is able to consult you on your existing EDI system during the migration process with specific Senior Consultants.

Reduce costs, Maintanance, Support problems

INPOSIA supports you in the inspection of a Migration TCO - Total Cost of Ownership. Often a significant reduce of costs and the sort out of exisitng problems is the result.

Profit from thousands of existing EDI processes

Wih the EDI migration to INPOSIA you get access to thousands of existing EDI business processes, ready to use out of the box.

Direct benefit

Wih the EDI migration to INPOSIA you achieve as direct benefit the availability of the complete INPOSIA service portfolio. You will be ready for all EDI future topics.

Be EDI attractive

The usage of the INPOSIA EDI Network is a sign to your business partners, that you handle the topic EDI professional and makes you more business attractive against them.