EDI Integration

Connect the INPOSIA Network to integrate your Business Partners via EDI. The INPOSIA Network offers a seamless EDI Integration of your Business Partners into your ERP / SRM System, full transparency and a high skill support and service management. Also INPOSIA connects and integrates every ERP System and works as any-to-any format conversion service.

Out of the Box EDI Solutions

Use the whole EDI functionality to integrate your Business Partners without limits. Be up2date every time.

Full Managed Service

No software or hardware needed on customer side. The INPOSIA B2Bi Network offers a full EDI functionality, just by connecting.

Senior Consulting

The INPOSIA Consultants advise on a high level EDI know-how to ensure the success of your EDI project, regardless wether in new EDI implementations or complex migration scenarios.

International Compliant

The INPOSIA EDI Services comply international requirements e.g. the E-Invoicing procedure. Certified. With the Compliance for over 70 countries.

2000+ Companies and Connections

The INPOSIA B2Bi Network runs thousands of EDI connections and processes millions of data transmissions - check the INPOSIA reference extract.

Strict Data Security - Certified

INPOSIA operates and administrates all systems and processes in strict, international and national privacy policies. We guarantee for highest System and Data Security - Certified.