EDI Formats

With INPOSIA there are no limitations in processing structured EDI messages. For your maximum integration flexibility.

Out of the box available EDI formats

EDIFACT, all EDIFACT Subsets, SAP IDOC Flat + XML, VDA, ODETTE, ZUGFeRD, ANSI X.12, SWIFT, MS Dynamics, cXML, SAP XI XML, BMECat, PDF, PDF/a, Flat Files, OpenTrans, Factur-X, XRechnung, all further structured data formats.

Workflow Management

Realize also complex EDI workflows via INPOSIA. Stay future ready.

Complex Process Automation

The INPOSIA EDI Service handles all customer workflow requirements, e.g. Routing, Saving, Merging, Unzip, Manipulate. It also integrates 3rd party systems, customer monitors, external workflow services / systems. The workflow process, its steps or events are viewable in the INPOSIA process event monitor.