What distinguishes us

INPOSIA offers a solution and service portfolio for a 100% EDI / B2B integration from one source, worldwide.

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About INPOSIA - About Us

Since its foundation in 2010, INPOSIA Solutions GmbH has established itself as one of the most technologically advanced managed services providers and highly competent B2B / EDI consulting specialist on the European market. INPOSIA combines specialized EDI / B2B competence with an innovative and pioneering B2B portfolio of solutions for operations, consulting and service & support. Our GPX Business Services stand for effective, international B2B processes and smooth operational procedures.

Customers from strong and stable European and American sectors allow INPOSIA to work in economically sustainable and healthy business relationships which are crucial to our commercial stability.


Our customers and partners value, our entrepreneurial stability, the sustainability of our work, our reliability, our flexibility and our cutting edge technology are the cornerstones of our successful business cooperation. We combine a high professional, international B2B portfolio, thousands of customer business connections and a strong but controlled growth with our customers face2face mentality and our strict business focussing.

"As EDI Support Manager my task is to monitor and stabilize productive processes at our Integration Platform. It's a pleasure to see, that complex workflow processes run without any errors between companies all around the world."

Eyup Ilguen Senior Support Manager

"Some of the biggest companies in the world transmit their business critical data with our systems. EDI and B2B is our passion. I think this is one main reason why INPOSIA is known as such a reliable Service Provider."

Bilal Dagasan Senior EDI Consultant
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Employees and Offices

Our company head office is located in Karlsruhe, Germany. We have further offices in Munich (Germany), Milan (Italy), Montpellier (France), Istanbul and Izmir (Turkey). Aside from German and English, INPOSIA employees converse in Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Arabic.

INPOSIA is official SAP Partner, SAP Supplier and member of the VeR (E-Invoice Alliance Germany). These collaborations allow INPOSIA to ensure all international and business critical customer challenges. Worldwide.