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INPOSIA Archive - Compliant Long-Term Archiving

The INPOSIA Archive is a convinient and high secure solution for simple but professional long-term archiving of all your data incomings or outgoings, documents, files and especially your E-Invoicing data. In addition to the compliance to the respective national laws, the INPOSIA Archive includes full-text search, multi-language options and is completely integrated in Your Business Data Flows.

Secure by ISO 27001

The INPOSIA Datacenter is fully certified by ISO 27001. We guarantee the highest secure level for your datafiles.

Simple but powerful

The data integration and handling within the INPOSIA Archive System is very user friendly. In turn the Archive features leave no requirement unfulfilled.

Invoicing Compliant

The INPOSIA Archive fullfills all national and international E-Invoicing requirements in data storage and handling. No risk, future-proof.

Maximum Flexibility

With INPOSIA Archive you are able to store all data files as EDI Documents, PDFs, pictures, protocols ...


Integrate the INPOSIA Archive directly in Your process flow or your EDI transactions. The whole import and storage process is fully automated.

Stable and Performant

The INPOSIA Archive is aligned to handle big data volumes and guarantees maximum stability and performance.