INPOSIA Suite – The platform for all integration tasks needed for your digital transformation

The INPOSIA Suite takes you to the next digital level. The INPOSIA Suite provides you with a platform for all integration tasks and acts as a link between the various different integrations systems, such as EDI, e-invoicing, MFT, API/EAI, ERP/SAP, and many more. The INPOSIA SUITE enables communication on the same level between all systems.

Those most likely to benefit from the INPOSIA SUITE are companies who manage the implementation, technology, operations and support of their integration services in-house.

In addition to secure operations, our EDI consultants are available to offer you advice on maintenance, support and implementation.

The link between your systems

The INPOSIA Suite is the ideal interface between you and your business partners.

Our software acts as a link between your systems. Data is not homogenous, and systems speak different languages. The INPOSIA SUITE allows all your systems to communicate with one another.

Do you have one or several integration tasks that you wish to have mapped and administered on an on-premise solution? The INPOSIA SUITE can be hosted on site or in your data centre. Responsibility for the system remains with you. You are responsible for ensuring the systems run smoothly and you keep control. Operation, maintenance and fault management are undertaken by you and your team. But you are also able to bring in consultants who can help you with mappings or the design of workflows.

With our INPOSIA Suite solution, not only business partners but also the following applications can be connected:

  • Any ERP Systems (SAP, ORACLE, Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE, abas, proAlpha, Infor, 1CRM,..)

  • Any Inhouse Systems or applications (logistics management, production, accounting, Salesforce,etc.)

  • IoT & API Services (INPOSIA Suite itself can provide API services for external systems)

  • e-Invocing Authorities to meet legal requirements

  • Cloud Services

  • Digital marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, Allegro,…)

The components of the integration platform

You don’t want to fall behind in times of digital transformation? You want to make internal processes leaner and automatic in order to save costs and resources?

Select INPOSIA SUITE in order to make your digitisation plans a reality and to take care of your software together with INPOSIA. Select the module you want and then enable further modules as required. Install the INPOSIA SUITE on your systems or with us as a cloud solution

Die ERP Add-Ons von INPOSIA integriert ihre ERP-Anwendung nahtlos.

ERP Add-On

Seamless ERP integration of our e-invoicing and e-government services

INPOSIA ist der Profi für elektronischen Datenaustausch zwischen Unternehmen.


Electronic data interchange between companies

Die INPOSIA WebApp stellt die direkte Verbindung von externen Applikationen zur Suite her.


Direct connection of external applications and the INPOSIA Suite

INPOSIA Data Sourcing.

Data Sourcing

Data reading from unstructured electronic documents

Unser INPOSIA E-Rollout-Portal um Vorhaben direkt mit Ihren Geschäftspartnern abzustimmen.


Electronic onboarding of business partners

E-Invoicing mit INPOSIA spart Kosten, Zeit und schützt die Umwelt.

e-Invoice Management

(Inter)national exchange of invoices with government bodies and companies

INPOSIA bietet auch Small Business Solutions die ideal auf die Bedürfnisse kleiner Unternehmen abgestimmt sind.

Small Business Solutions

Coverage of small companies’ integration requirements

Die INPOSIA Communication API Lösung hilft bei der Verarbeitung unterschiedlichster Dateiformate.

Communication API

Mapping of complex process flows with the help of advanced tools for external interface linking and programme integration

INPOSIA MFT dient der sicheren Übertragung von sensiblen Datenmengen in jedem Format.


Secure transmission of sensitive and process-critical data volumes of any size

INPOSIA MFT dient der sicheren Übertragung von sensiblen Datenmengen in jedem Format.

Multi-instance configuration

You always maintain test and productive parameters in the same place. At process runtime, depending on the current instance (test/prod), the system uses the correct test or productive parameters. The tiresome and time-consuming adjustment of parameters or master data when transferring from Test to Prod is no longer necessary.
You also have the option of restarting processes in another mode (Prod -> Test) with a single click.

The time saving in daily business is immense.

Der Workflow Manager bei INPOSIA bietet grafische und moderne Werkzeuge um komplexxe Workflows zu erstellen.

Workflow Manager

Graphical user interface to create processes and procedures easily and quickly. It is also possible to test processes immediately during creation – without time-consuming deployment and without having to leave the environment.

Reading in, parsing, converting and changing data structures is possible with the Data Converter.

Data Converter

Reading, parsing, converting and modifying data structures is possible with the Data Converter. In addition to standardized EDI data structures such as EDIFACT, IDOCs or VDA messages, the integration and processing of individual structures in the form of XML or CSV data can be easily achieved. Furthermore, the Data Converter enables direct links between data records and databases.

Der Workflow Manager bei INPOSIA bietet grafische und moderne Werkzeuge um komplexxe Workflows zu erstellen.

Communication Manager

As a central integration platform, the INPOSIA SUITE provides extensive communication possibilities. In addition to transaction-based variants such as X.400, AS2, FTP, SFTP, OFTP2, among others, streaming variants such as REST or JSON are available. The INPOSIA Suite thus meets the requirements of various industry standards.

Business integration couldn’t be easier –
Benefit from the INPOSIA CLOUD advantages

Viele Unternehmen vertrauen bereits INPOSIA.

Developed and maintained in Germany

Viele Unternehmen vertrauen bereits INPOSIA.

Attractive pricing and licensing model

Viele Unternehmen vertrauen bereits INPOSIA.

One installation, one user interface, one system

Viele Unternehmen vertrauen bereits INPOSIA.

Usability: Intuitive user guidance – graphic user interfaces to configure workflows, PDFs etc.

Viele Unternehmen vertrauen bereits INPOSIA.

Open source basis

Viele Unternehmen vertrauen bereits INPOSIA.

With all back-end systems

Viele Unternehmen vertrauen bereits INPOSIA.

Service and support options for every need

Viele Unternehmen vertrauen bereits INPOSIA.

Unlimited, hierarchical data model to mapping of the most complex data

Unsere Produkte sind entwickelt für komplexe Unternehmensanforderungen

Designed for complex business requirements

Service-oriented JAVA architecture, scalable application, designed for all integration tasks

INPOSIA Produkte wurden in Deutschland entwickelt und sind weltweit im Einsatz.

Developed in Germany – in use worldwide

The INPOSIA Suite is available for more than 8500 users in productive business

Wir bieten eine Applikation für alle Integrationsaufgaben.

One application for all integration tasks

EDI, B2B, e-invoicing, e-government, IoT, data conversion, EAI, etc.

Choose from amongst the most varied of integration processes

INPOSIA offers many ways of achieving your goal of implementing and operating your EDI business processes. Decide whether the in-house or managed service is the best INPOSIA Suite option for you. We are happy to assist you at all times!

Our INPOSIA Suite can be used as Managed Service or own establishment.

System requisites

Developed to be operable on Windows and Linux systems, optimised for 32 or 64-Bit architectures and as 100% Java applications, the INPOSIA SUITE offers maximum flexibility and usability.

Free database systems such as MySQL or if required, more complex installations such as MySQL Server or ORACLE DBMS are also supported.

Customers who trust us

INPOSIA bietet Ihnen 24/7 Support.

Thinking of acquiring an integration platform? Then contact us. Our experts can help you out

Would you like to find out more about the INPOSIA Suite or do you have any questions about it? We look forward to hearing from you. You can call or email us, or we would be happy to visit you on-site.

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