Smart Business Solutions

Smart Business Solutions

Building Digital Bridges

Digital Transformation and Integration is what we do. We optimise your business processes by substituting paper and automating processes. We build digital bridges between you and your business partners, making B2B communication simpler by means of electronic data interchange.

Avalara Announcement

INPOSIA Solutions GmbH has been acquired by Avalara

Bringing together tax and technology experts to power the future of real-time compliance

INPOSIA is now part of Avalara

Webinar FR


E-Invoicing in France in 2023

April 22, 2021 | 10 AM CET

Electronic invoicing will become compulsory in France from 2023 onwards. We would like to clarify exactly what this means for companies and who is affected by it in our webinar. In addition, we would like to give you an overview of all possible options for action so that you can make an useful decision.


Flexibility with the INPOSIA Suite.

Designed for all your integration and digitisation requirements. 

Convenient configuration of even the most complex data interchange and integration scenarios with INPOSIA Suite. Conceived for the configuration and exchange of in-company and external business processes. Experience the versatility of the INPOSIA Suite.


Digitise your business processes in the INPOSIA Cloud


B2B transactions at their best. Simple EDI, just-in-time logistics, and international e-invoicing transactions. Comprehensive integration services are implemented rapidly and effectively. No software required.